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Hey, world! How do you do?

Purple is something that I do not normally wear on the eyes and elsewhere, so I thought I’d think out of the box for a bit and go for a smoky purple look. What do you think?

I like how the makeup has turned out, to be honest. I should dare to go bold a lot more than usual, eh? I also love the lips. That MUFE lipstick is a nude one (I’m a lover of nudes and neutrals!) and I should also wear it more often. Love the combo with the Urban Decay lipgloss.

Anyway, for a bit of an update here in the Philippines, summer is coming up and it is gonna be smoldering hot! Suffice to say, I am not looking forward to it. I am already having trouble with the current weather and it’s only going to get warmer from hereon out. Yuck.