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Today, I turn… 19! 😀

And FELIZ CUMPLEANOS to Dani of CoffeeBreakwithDani !

Another year has gone by, and to be honest, my life just gets more and more exciting and interesting as the years pass by. A HUGE CHANGE is coming up (yet again) for me and it’s just a precursor to an even BIGGER change that will happen sometime towards the latter part of next year, 2015.I will definitely bring you guys along with me, needless to say.

Anyway, I just wanna say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH to all of you who watch my videos and share them and keep coming back and commenting and liking… This journey of mine on YouTube wouldn’t be enjoyable and fun and I wouldn’t wanna be on here and continue filming and publishing videos if it weren’t for you all. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Also, a big thanks to Laura, Jonathan, SJ, Will, and Dani for welcoming here. I honestly would be nowhere near this comfortable without your help and support. I love you all!