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I previously wrote about my problems regarding the babysitting agency I worked for and how I wasn’t getting paid. Here’s the latest update:

I’ve just received word from the parents of the little girl I babysit that the agency has shut its doors and is now completely closed. Apparently, there’s a closure notice from the tribunal that’s posted on the door of their office, and no one has picked up their mail in a week already.

Basically, that leaves me in a dire position. I have yet to get paid since I started work in November. The parents can’t just hand me money directly because they did pay the agency a set fee of 4 000 € — the agency was supposed to pay me monthly but nada. I am now just as broke as the agency itself. Well, at least they got to keep the money while leaving nothing to us babysitters. My biggest problem is being able to pay rent and food.

So now I’m broke and unemployed. One more problem and I’ll hit the trifecta of despair.

Hope you guys are having a better day though.