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Last night, while my friends and I were hanging out, a guy who was standing right outside the window started to motion something to us. Since I was the only one among my friends who could speak French, I opened the window and asked him what was it that he needed.

He said that he was from the streets and asked for a cigarette. A friend of mine obliged, giving him a stick from an unopened pack.

After that (I was the only one talking to him over the window and the rest of my friends were in the salon), he pulled up his shirt and showed me a gun that was tucked right above his crotch area, then he asked for a bottle of beer. Again, I obliged and gave him a bottle.

After this, he said “Je t’aime!” to me twice, and left.

It’s just registering now to me what happened. Mind you, I was very calm all throughout that exchange and for some reason I knew he wasn’t gonna do anything drastic. I could see it in his eyes and my gut feeling was telling me that he was not going to pull out that gun and use it. I didn’t feel threatened.

Odd, I know.

How was your Thursday evening?