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Okay. Here’s a revelation (at least to me, it is): Ladurée’s restaurant service sucks BIG time!

Last night, my friends, a friend’s mum, her brother, and I had dessert at Ladurée’s flagship store along the Champs-Elysées after a fantastic and mouthwatering dinner at Chez André (12, rue Marbeuf. Great food, great service, great everything!). We ordered salted caramel macarons, Pralines Sucré (pictured above), Duchesse, a milkshake, and Tarte Tout Chocolat. Here’s where my rant begins:

  • It took the staff about 20 minutes to sit us in the small dining area reserved for those who wanted to have dessert and coffee. Those who wanted to eat a meal were seated upstairs in a more posh and grand room. Now, 20 minutes was way too long a time to get attended to, I thought. It felt like ten years. The carpeted stairs and floors were a nice touch though.
  • The uniform of the staff was depressing. All-black ensemble? A big no-no. This was supposed to be a world-renowned pastry shop, not a funeral. It felt somber, which was not a good feeling if you wanted to have dessert.
  • There was no WiFi. I know this isn’t a must-have but coming from Chez André where there was free WiFi for paying customers, Ladurée not having WiFi was a downer. I’m probably nitpicking a bit too much, but remember that this is freakin’ Ladurée we’re talking about.
  • For a restaurant boasting of so many different things on its menu, there was no thé vert à la menthe. Whuuuut?!? Unacceptable. That’s as basic a tea flavor as it could get, like Earl Grey or even Vanilla.
  • The fork I was given was dented. Disappointing. I liked that it looked antique though, but it definitely did not feel like one.
  • My friend Nathan asked for plain yogurt. It was on the menu, but no yogurt was served. We were even starting to wonder if they had to go to the Monoprix across the avenue to get one. I mean, if you can serve an intricately prepared religieuse, surely you’d have a cup of plain yogurt readily available?
  • The vanilla milkshake was bland. Tasteless, even.
  • Their hot chocolate was just okay. Hot chocolate served at Angelina (226, rue de Rivoli) is way better.
  • We had to wait half an hour after asking for the bill. I actually ended up asking for it three times! There were only about 15 tables in the room and there were 4 servers, so I don’t know why it took them so long to give us the bill. Well, if they couldn’t serve yogurt…
  • The only good thing? The cakes we ordered were actually yummy. And the restrooms were nice. The service? Not at all.

Will I drop by again at Ladurée for its macarons? Yep. Will I go back to Ladurée’s restaurant again? Nope. Not ever. Well, maybe if they changed the ugly ass canapé ceiling they had then I’d reconsider.

How’s your weekend looking like?