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Before I moved to France, “going out” in my vocabulary meant to hang out with friends at a bar or a pub or maybe even go to a club afterwards. It was understood that everyone would have to dress up, look their best, and bring heaps of money for whatever expenses that would be incurred throughout the night.

Now that I live in France, “going out” means to meet up somewhere and then go to someone else’s place, or just go straight to a friend’s apartment  with a bottle of wine in hand, stay in, hang out, gossip, and get wasted until you’re sober enough to get up, put your clothes on, and go home the following morning. No need to dress up, no need to look your best, no need to bring heaps of money.

“Going out” has evolved to mean “staying in” and most of the people I know in this city prefer this anyway. Maybe because we live in a ridiculously expensive city and no one wants to spend a buttload of cash on a single glass of caipirinha? Maybe it’s because we’re no longer back at uni and the excitement of putting yourself out there has turned to nonchalance? Or maybe because we’re simply getting older and can’t honestly be bothered by a more – for lack of a better term – “exciting” lifestyle?