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BMC_2013_00051The three rosettes Notre-Dame de Paris are one of the greatest masterpieces of Christianity.

The South Rose Window was a gift from the king Saint Louis. It was designed by Jean de Chelles and Pierre de Montreuil. The Cathedral’s first construction master, Jean de Chelles, laid the first stone of the south transept façade in 1258. The South Rose Window, a central element that thrones over the transept façade, was constructed in 1260 as a counterpoint to the North Rose Window, which was built in 1250. Like its north sister, the South Rose Window reached 12.90 metres in diameter and, if you include its bay, a total height of nearly 19 metres.

This rosette is dedicated to the New Testament.

It has eighty-four panes divided into four circles. The first one has twelve medallions and the second has twenty-four. A third circle is made up of quadrilobes, and the fourth circle has twenty-four trilobes medallions. This window features the symbolic number four, along with its multiples, twelve and twenty-four.

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