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One of the great things about street photography is that there are lots of things going on in that photo opportunities abound everywhere. At the same time, everything takes place instantly, and it’s up to the photographer to capture that moment.

Why is this great? It’s because things are captured instantly, but also spontaneously. Nothing is planned in street photography. Everything is candid. I love this part, really. I see something that captures my attention, I take a photo of it. The beauty of it is that a moment that is only fleeting and random is captured by my camera. I get to immortalize something that otherwise would have gone unnoticed and forgotten.

However, the strength is also the weakness, so to speak. The not so great part about street photography? It’s exactly the same thing. Because there are so many things happening, I, as the photographer, can’t catch up to what’s happening before me. I can only hit the shutter button so fast. At the same time, because moments are fleeting and things are happening quickly, I sometimes end up not taking the image that I have composed in my mind.

However, my camera has a mind of its own and sometimes – just sometimes – the image that I end up composing in my mind but what my camera doesn’t exactly end up taking is more interesting than the original vision I had planned out in my head. Sometimes, what comes out is more spontaneous and, dare I say, better than how I pictured it to be.

The photo above is an example. I wanted to include the jogger’s entirety in the frame but what I ended up taking is much more interesting, I think. It drives the point (spontaneity and candidness in and of street photography) home.