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So here’s how the job interview went:

I get there a few minutes early. I hear an interviewer talking to someone and working out the latter’s sched for a babysitting job blah blah blah. So I wait for my turn, then just when I thought the same interviewer would talk to me, the two other ladies in the office who barely spoke any English come up and interview me. I settle for an interview primarily in French, which is easy, but I wish we did it in English since I’m being interviewed for an English babysitting job and/or a teaching job. Anyway, towards the end, they ask me questions in French and I answer in English, which is surprisingly weird for me. When I’m in French mode, I’m only in French mode, and same with English.

Anyway, they ask me to wait for an email or a call from them for any job/s they might have for me. I’m crossing my fingers.

Have a good morning, everyone!