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Pont Neuf, which translates to New Bridge, is actually the oldest standing Seine bridge in Paris (construction began in 1578 and ended in 1607!). It stands in the heart of medieval Paris.

I don’t visit this river as often as I would like to. I frequent the Pont des Arts next to it a lot more, which is understandable since the latter is closer to the Louvre, but also mind-boggling at the same time because the Pont Neuf is actually a lot more interesting in terms of history, architecture, and even location.

The bridge is wide, connects the right bank to the left, passes by the Île de la Cité, has mini sections along its edges where you can sit on and admire the majestic view, and has grand arches adorned with face sculptures. I was once told that no two of these faces are alike.

Whenever I do pass by this bridge, my photos always come out beautiful. The foot traffic here is a lot less than the arguably more popular Pont des Arts, but that doesn’t keep me from doing wonderful street photography here. Lots of lovers, too – and that always helps.