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I mentioned in my previous post that I don’t like going inside the Louvre. I actually don’t like going inside museums that much. If there’s something famous inside the museum (ala Mona Lisa at the Louvre) then yes, I’ll go inside, look at that particular piece, and then leave. Other than that, I honestly can’t be bothered.

I much prefer being outside and admiring the architecture amidst the open space. See the photo above? I adore being outside and admiring that.

I’m not claustrophobic per se but I do feel cramped and tight when I’m indoors where there’s a lot of people who, on top of everything else, stink.

Maybe this is why I’ve never really admired a work of art when it’s indoors. I don’t know, but I’m just guessing. I honestly can’t remember going “Wow, that’s breathtaking! What a thing of beauty.” while looking at something being showcased inside a building. A friend once told me that it’s probably because I rush through seeing things inside that I don’t end up appreciating them. But my point is this: I don’t appreciate them anyway so I’m just gonna rush through them so I could get the hell out of so-and-so museum.


(The photo above was taken in the 16è arrondissement.)